Dolly’s Winter Surprise



The gift giving season is only weeks away. Now is the time to start your doll projects.

As a knitter I will be posting a video on how to knit dolly and link readers to a pattern to follow. Updated designs in Shelly’s Needles & Crafts.

Be sure to order a copy of Dolly’s Winter Surprise storybook now to receive it in time for the Holiday Season. It has English, Spanish, French and Polish editions.

Crocheters, I am excited to share a new book by Yolonda Jordan of Little Brown Dolls. Click the image above to buy it now.  Yolanda also has an Esty Page for purchasing patterns and dolls.  Go there now to get started with crocheting.

See Yolonda on Facebook and she also has a YouTube Channel (see below).

Although Yolonda is not a Wiggles Press Author, I am thrilled to support this entreprenuer.  There are many knit and crochet groups on Facebook and YouTube.

To make a doll that resembles our characters, just select yarn colors for that best match the storybook character you desire.

This year, I will be knitting the dolls featured in Dolly’s Winter Surprise: Granddaughter, Dolly and BFF.   From the book A Snowman in Central Park: Reggie Doll and Snowman.

If you are a doll maker (Knit, crochet or sew) who sales dolls, please feel free
to contact me via email  to share your pics and links on our marketplace.

My desire is that readers will make a gift of our storybooks with a doll for the
Holidays. We’d love crafters to help us market stories as well.

If you Crochet be sure to follow Yolonda:


Zimowa Niespodzianka Dolly

Zimowa Niespodzianka Dolly będzie dostępna w sprzedaży od 1 listopada 2022 roku, w samą porę na Zamówienia Świąteczne.  Prosimy o składanie zamówień przedpremierowych i dokonywanie zakupów za pośrednictwem naszej strony internetowej pod adresem

Będziemy zachęcać Cię do dziania lalek dla dzieci, aby cieszyć się tą bajką.

To purchase click here!