Fun READERS are books that we designed for 2nd to 5th grade students who are reading books independently. Young people who are enjoying every page faster than we can keep-up with the demand!

Wiggles Press provides tools like Google Classrooms and videos to help the elementary reader to become more fluent in English and to assist in learning New Languages.

For the gift giving season check out this book: Our knitting project this year will be the characters in this book: Reggie, snowman, and grandma.

Download a synopsis

Reggie doesn’t know what to think of the Snowman he saw in Central Park, so he goes to tell his grandmother – as the other of this storybook, I make no further determinations – I leave it up to interpretation for discussion.

A Snowman in Central Park has been translated into English, French, and Spanish.

The French edition has a pattern for sewing a character doll in felt or fleece.

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