Junior READERS are books that encourage literacy in our youngest readers by focusing on counting, colors, shapes and vocabulary building. These stories simply help children to recognize people, places, and things. Our books are sold on Amazon. See our titles and Author list below.

Books by Authors

Here are the books by authors who have written for our youngest readers:

  • DW and the Peach by Reisha K. Washington
  • Gabe and the Park & His Big Toybox by Rochelle O’Neal Thorpe
  • Gabe’s Nantucket Adventure: Daffodils, Dogs, and Cars by Rochelle O’Neal Thorpe
  • Peace is Different by Cindra Cleaves Simpson
  • Presents for Phoebe by Paul Rhode
  • The Perfect Pet by Donald Cantor and Michael Cantor
  • Tyler and The Spider by Melinda Lancaster

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